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Oxford Unicondylar Knee Replacement Orthonova Hospital Joint replacement centre only centre for Oxford Knee Replacement in India Partial Knee Replacement Partial Knee Replacement :- If you are thinking about knee replacement, it is imperative you read this information. It has been seen during surgeries that approximately 30% of the total knee replacements that are operated world wide, have only 1/3 of the knee damaged. But since there knee option available to most of the surgeons, therefore total knee replacement is the only answer. It is now considered to be unethical and unwise to operate and remove the cartilage and bone which is not damaged and would otherwise work good for 15-20 years more. SO THINK AGAIN BEFORE GOING IN FOR KNEE OPERATION IS THE CENTRE OFFERING THIS OPTION? That’s why the concept of partial knee replacement gained popularity. In UK and USA, this surgery is going on well for more than 20 years, with results more than 98% success [better than a total knee replacement]. Only, a very few surgeons are trained for this procedure all over the world, as this is a very delicate and advanced surgery History takes it that this surgery has been introduced, in India by the keen academic endeavours of Dr. Harprit Singh, at ORTHONOVA HOSPITAL, JALANDHAR. THE ONLY OXFORD CERTIFIED SURGEON IN INDIA. Presently, this is the only centre in INDIA offering this most advanced surgical option for the knee. Partial Knee Replacement Unicondylar Knee Replacement. BEST ORTHONOVA HOSPITAL IN JALANDHAR BEST Oxford Unicondylar Knee Replacement IN JALANDHAR KNEE REPLACEMENT IN JALANDHAR
Both side hip replacement. This young guy csme from Bangladesh to get his both hips chsnged. ...he rated us the best in the world after the operation.