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Stop the bikes: advice to all parents. This young guy of 17-18 yrs of age ws riding double pillion on a mobike.And as luck would have had it , they crashed into a truck or the truck crashed into em. All rushed to # Orthonova. All serious. This guy had no recordable blood pressure and pulse. We 25 of our staff resuscitated and stabilized two of them. On One we struggled and struggled but his blood pressure wont rise above 90.we inserted a line directly into the heart(central line) and rushed 4 u of blood and fluid. He was bleeding from his thigh like a rain pipe. I had to decide: to operate or..... Telling his relatives , that all odds are against us...we took him for surgery. His whole femoral artery was clotted.and bleeding.his bone was shattered. We repaired his artery and the bones. It took 6 hours. As we relieved ourselves for the night( dawn to b precise) , he had a burstout.......bole to artery burst.and he crashed.blood splurgingout in the icu We wheeled him back to the ot. Rrpaired again. 24 hes fine and winking. Rest of the guys repaired too. Wait for reactions of the patient and reatives tomorrow. In all we gave 15 u of blood.and 14 hours of fight by 3 docs 5 staff . 3 lives saved.